A lot of time, a lot of stitches these days. Cold weather and hanging around hotel rooms is conducive to knitting and my quilt is coming along nicely. I've even managed to knit a hat for Freda's rabbit,Tessa, [see yesterday's photo] and her scarf [see above] is under way. I did also spend the morning working on the PIE Resource Pack [all materials to set up and deliver a comprehensive PIE project on one CD] to leave with VSO when we head back to Yunnan. I've been trying to find the time to do it for several years but full-time work gets in the way. "Just pop the materials on a CD," says the Programme Office, somehow forgetting that there are several hundred documents and files, some of which are full-blown manuals, workbooks, reports etc. I remember a team of 6 volunteers (some of them given a 3-month sabbatical for the purpose) working on ONE training book a few years ago. At least it's a job I want to do, to consolidate one aspect of the work I've been doing. I don't like loose ends.

Freda had a very productive home school session this morning, tearing throw her Maths and Chinese with ease, delighted that today's poem only had three new characters to learn. In the afternoon she wrote a story in English about a "bad Barbie", who mis-treated three lovely little dogs that finally ran away. Inspiring.

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