There are many reasons for our blog-pause this last week - travelling, jet-lag, culture shock, chaos, headaches, house-moving, sadness, more chaos and so on. Today we got back into home school, however, and are now spending the afternoon getting into Christmas. Freda was enjoying making the Christmas cake with Granny until her Santa hat's pompom whacked her in the eye [see photo].

At least some of my headaches are a result of eye strain caused by my near-sightedness deteriorating. Although I can still read small print, it's not with the high definition it used to be. Basically, I need specs, which are due to be delivered any day now for my 'new look'.

I'd like to say I'm settling in to being back in the UK, but that's partly because I'm living a restricted life. Apart from going to the optician, signing-on and making endless phonecalls to get our lives in order (dentists, schools, jobs etc), I've been holed up in our little house. We're very lucky to have the two-bedroom extension to my parents' house to live in these days. It's self-contained and full of our furniture and belongings from five years ago so it already feels like home. If my heart and mind can catch up with my body, which is now well and truly in Scotland, then all will be well. That means going through a certain grieving process for me, at having left our life, our friends and our work in China. It's not about being stuck in the past, or negative about the future. It's simply acknowledging that we developed bonds, put down some roots, and these don't disappear in an instant. Indeed, they don't disappear at all. This is a period of adjustment. 

lesley oglesby
21/12/2010 05:12:02 am

Hi Lesley. Have caught up with your blog and it makes fascinating reading as always. I think I may have missed something but it appears as if you are back in the UK for a good period of time.Have you got any firm plans or are you waiting to see what turns up?
Today was our last day of 'term' so I am feeling very chilled and relieved , partly becsause I no longer have to worry about travel in the snow. Stephen is due to be home on Christmas Eve from London and I don't even want to think about him not making it.
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a healthy and productive new year.
Lesley xx

21/12/2010 10:05:20 am

It was always going to be a tough transition, reverse culture shock and all that. Hope you feel increasingly settled. Edie looks sooo tired in that photo btw!

21/12/2010 07:54:03 pm

Hi Lesley, Ali, Frida and Edie:

I read the Christmas book you left to me. I am very glad to hear your news from the blog. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. How about your health? Will you come to the People's Republic of China again? Looking forward to your reply!



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