All rigged up -
Oil rig on the Cromarty Firth
If one tires of the seals, dolphins and bird life, there are always oil rigs to spot on the Cromarty Firth. This stretch of inland sea water on the North coast of the Black Isle is home to a number of rig-related service  industries. All year round rigs come in for maintenance and sprucing up before heading back out to the North Sea. In the evenings they are all lit up like Christmas trees and one can spot well in to double figures.

Despite Ali's year-long stint working off-shore as a geologist, there wasn't a hint of nostalgia as we passed the rigs. He did manage to impress Freda and Edie, for a moment, when he announced that he used to travel to the rigs by helicopter. The conversation soon moved on to more exciting things like - how to build a sledge for the Playmobil people.

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