We are currently travelling around Baoshan County (hence less frequent updates until we return in September), visiting some our graduates from last year. We've been enjoying: swimming in Jinghong, village temples, seeing old friends, Dai speciality foods and Baoshan baozi (apparently the best in Yunnan), noodles with green bean paste, friendly people, lots of folk costumes... lowlights: grumpy, fast taxi driver from Dali airport into town, rainy and damp clothes, smokers on buses (until Lesley sorted them out, as usual). The photo shows Leslie, Edie and Freda with Roise and Magda outside the old monks' accommodation at Long Tang Temple, outside Chang Ning of Baoshan Prefecture.

It also appears that the "powers that be" have blocked our blog editing ability (though you should still be able to read it). We hope someone sees sense soon!

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