The FISHfund parcel of books and learning resources has arrived at Yutang Middle School. The students and their teacher, a PIE trainee, have been busy covering them with sticky plastic and displaying them for all the English Corner visitors to browse. The teachers and students have worked hard over the last year to demonstrate to the school leaders the value of English Corner. As a result they have been given an old classroom, some tables, book shelves and even an old TV and DVD player. It's often the case that we have to prove the worth of something before it will be backed-up. Nowhere is this more true than in China. A proposal isn't enough and these students and teachers know that actions speak louder than words.

A selection of the books now housed in Yutang English Resource Room, including some titles donated by Freda and Edie. We sent over one hundred books in total.
It's rare for middle school students to get the chance to do pair work, let alone boys and girls working together. It's even more unusual for the students to be doing something with practical value for their school lives, other than cleaning their dormitories or classrooms. From the minute the box of materials was opened the students began a life skills education project, learning how to organise and look after resources, how to work together and solve problems.
Many thanks to Lesley Oglesby and other FISHfund sponsors. As promised, 100% of your donations has been put to direct and valuable use in poor, rural schools in Simao Prefecture, Yunnan.
14/1/2010 10:54:52 pm

Excellent stuff - looks like they really appreciate the help (as many don't!)


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