Sometimes it feels like I'm chasing my tail, round and round and round. Thirty-three teachers arrive tomorrow for a Team Leader-Trainer training course. I've just finished writing the workbooks, manuals and training materials. The admin and logistics are just about complete. There are many things I set in motion last month, however, that still haven't been done - hence today's title. I'm chasing my own tail and a few others. The good news is that it looks like things will be ready in time. Some of the participants have even arrived early. I know most of the team leaders who are coming. Some of them have attended the one-month PIE training course, and others I have met during my follow-up visits. I haven't seen the Jinggu teachers for two year though. I don't think any of us thought I'd still be here. Right, it's nearly 7pm and time to eat. The rest of the chopping, laminating and copying can be done tomorrow before the course registration at 3pm. I might be completely knackered but it's very satisfying to put together a new training course from scratch. This is one of the reasons I stayed on. Let's hope it's worthwhile, for everyone involved.

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