On our 250 km drive South to Rotorua today we were stopped in our tracks by a village that's gone corrugated crazy. A wool shop started the craze in 1986 when they built a corrugated shop shaped like a sheep. The local tourist board followed, shaping its i-site like a dog [see above]. Now almost every shop has a colourful, corrugated front or sign. We haven't a clue what the village is called, or anything else about it, but we took photos and bought Freda some flip-flops - business it wouldn't otherwise have received had it not been for the quirky architecture.

We are now in Rotorua. Ali's taken the girls to visit a steaming, stinking public park by our campsite and I'm having a study session in the library. I might actually get my Diploma homework submitted on time. We plan to visit a volcanic/thermal park tomorrow, which hosts the biggest geyser in New Zealand as well as bubbling mud pools. The girls are already complaining about the sulphur smell again and are worried about possible erruptions, so I'm not sure how long we'll last here! More news when we can...
22/9/2010 10:48:33 pm

Forget the beautiful scenery, I want to go see the corrugated dog! Please find the name of the town for me!!


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