Course registration at the TDC
Team Leaders arrived from Jingdong and Zhenyuan on Saturday afternoon, ready to start their 7-day full-time training course at the College. Most of them made it to registration, where they picked up their course packs and completed a basic questionnaire about their teaching and training experience. All those wooden stools I've been bringing back from county school visits are coming in handy now. Meeting the participants on this first day is a useful way to gauge their levels of English, their communication skills and how 'tuned in' they are to what's going on. So far we've needed a fair bit of translation and hand-holding, but my hope is that they will gradually become more independent, active and communicative. It's a steep learning curve for many of the teachers, who have never before experienced such an open, interactive and participatory approach to training. I only hope we can make it a positive, if challenging, experience so that they feel inspired to adopt some of the ways themselves.

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