I'm experiencing some renewed motivation and energy to study Chinese and have already (re-)started my lessons with Guo Naping. My aim for this term is to get my reading and writing up to the same level as my speaking. Focusing on reading is also helping to 'tidy up' my Chinese grammar and vocabulary, which are pretty scrappy round the edges after learning much of it through daily life rather than formal study. I'm now discovering the meaning of many words that I thought meant something quite different! Freda is helping me out with homework exercises and dictation, which she marks very strictly. This is a way to keep her Chinese going too. One of the greatest discoveries was a number of FREE ipod applications - mostly flashcards and quizes to test our knowledge. Ali spends the evening going through the food categories. To push myself in my learning I've also switched my mobile phone to Chinesea, so if you get a few incomprehensible messages that may not even be intended for you, you know why!

29/4/2010 10:35:24 am



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