Freda hard at work in the TDC
Child exploitation or job creation? Perhaps a bit of both. Freda was keen to come to the office with me today as I prepared for the TLT course registration. She offered to help with any "little jobs". I remembered there was still some data entry work from the last training. What better a person to employ than Freda? Her computer competence and confidence allowed her to get the hang of the Access database in about 5 minutes. Shortly later she was correcting mistakes in the column labelling and changing 'memo' formatting to 'yes/no'. I paid her 10 RMB for an hour's work (equivalent to a week's pocket money) and she was keen to do more. Assuming her homework's out of the way tomorrow I might just take her up on the offer. Ali and Edie turned up during registration and within no time were playing key roles - Edie colouring in Hou Wanxia's flashcards and Ali taking care of the registration fees. With Tina and Liao Xinli present too, it was quite a task force. Beware, if you come within three feet of the TDC in the next 7 days you're likely to be given a job to do and, unlike Freda, you're unlikely to get paid!

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