Freda and Edie's Dream Dining (by Ali) -
After my romantic day out on the hill with Alec I was more than a little relieved to discover that I hadn't been locked out of the house when I got back to Craiglea. In fact, I was welcomed with great reverence and warmth by Freda and Edie, performing the role of waitresses dressed in Tibetan finery. After being forced into the shower I was shown through to a private dining room where Lesley and I were served a selection of delicious dishes cooked and devised by the girls themselves. There was even a printed Anniversary Meal menu and Gin & Tonics all round!

Apparently the traditional present for a 10th wedding anniversary is tin. My gift to Lesley was a German-made clockwork tin toy of a washer-woman wife. I don't think Lesley saw the funny side of the joke though...
16/2/2010 00:30:03

Ali's only saying it was a "joke" after my response on receiving the gift, which was (after the initial "thank you" of course): Are you saying this is how you see me as a wife of ten years or how you would LIKE to see me for the next ten. Just a bit dated, don't you think??!!


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