Whenever we come back to Scotland for a holiday, it's always very hard to fit everything and everyone in, especially as friends are dotted around the UK. What's more, it's even harder finding time to chat with the children around. Beth and I decided to have a few days away and booked in to the Creiff Hydro Hotel, in Perthshire. Ali and I went there in 2003, just before Edie came along, taking advantage of a 'winter special'.

It certainly was special, this time too. We made use of everything offered in the package - swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym,buffet breakfast, posh dining room and brasserie. We also had a long walk around the grounds and up a nearby hill. Unfortunately I had to wear flip-flops because I had a painful blister on my little toe. Coming from Yunnan, where most of the rural population wears flip-flops, it didn't seem that odd though my feet were VERY cold.

Beth and I met in Aberdeen in about 1995, when we both being interviewed for part-time lecturing posts at Aberdeen College and both got a job. I taught there for a year before starting my PhD. Beth stayed on and is now working as a lecturer in Angus College in Arbroath, where she is responsible for a great number of courses. Our paths have diverged but we are both firmly rooted in education and it was great to have a chance to share stories.

Beth and her husband, Steve, have three sons and there's never a dull moment. Last summer they treated us to a day out at the Landmark adventure park near Aviemore. This year the treat was getting away, just the two of us, to catch up on the last five years of our lives.

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