Edie discovers her talent for complex, fiddly mechanisms
Edie at work
We gave Edie a Tamiya model kit for Christmas. When I opened the box I was quite shocked to see how complicated it seemed to be, but I needn't have worried because Edie is a dab hand at complicated, fiddly mechanisms and her fingers are small and nimble enough to deal with tiny parts. Just as well, because every component (apart from the motor) of this kangaroo ("2-leg jumping type") had to be assembled from scratch, including battery pack, gearbox, switch and the body itself. The gearbox was particularly challenging, with a choice of ratios and lots of cogwheels, shafts, bushings and the odd pinion to keep Edie on her toes as she navigated her way through the instructions (with minimal supervision). We finished Skippy in two sessions. Next on the agenda? Well, there's a racehorse with jockey in the same range, so I suspect some Christmas money will be spent on that.

Edie with the completed device, ready for a test run.
Visit more videos to see Skippy in action.
28/12/2010 10:33:47 pm

That top photo reminds me of a rampaging "half human, half cyborg" movie I watched recently! Yeeks!

30/12/2010 12:25:24 pm

(Is that really Edie in the second photo? Looks like Freda...?)


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