Barbie with her three pups: Snowy, Coco and Marble.
 These days I have been a bit not OK. I am on a diet with NO gluten or dairy products. Yesterday we had to go to the hospital again to get another test done. When we got to the hospital I found out it was going to be another blood test. The thing is that when I found out that it was going to be another blood test I got abit nervous so when they put the needle in they took ages to find the veins. After I had had the blood test they gave me a lollypop and mum said she would find me a treat. After mum (well, VSO) had payed the BIG bills we went of to find my treat. First we went to a not-so-big Carrefour and walked round the toy section - that wasn't much fun because there wasn't much stuff so we went to a much bigger Carrefour and after walking round the toy section three times we finaly spotted a trolley of Barbie sets that used to cost 200 yuan but had been reduced to 48 yuan so mum bought two immediately and we went home to open the new set. Once we got back to the hotel room I started to play with it. It really is a very good set and it is also very FUN because you can ping the dogs through the hoop and they land in Barbie's arms. She's a bit of a cheat because she has a magnet in her chest so she doesn't drop them. You can also make the dogs run up the ramp and slide down through the tunnel. It's just like a real dog trial.

19/11/2009 08:58:37 pm

"Dog-pinging" sounds even more fun than "Hide the Hamster", Freda. Hope the doctors find out what's wrong soon. Be brave. ;-)


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