Keep your hair on! Then again..... -
Edie having the finishing touches to her new hairstyle.
Despite the hot, humid air as we collapsed into bed last night, we all slept very soundly. After a fabulous holiday, it's great to be home! Edie, nevertheless, decided to opt for a cooler hairstyle. We paid a visit to our favourite hairdresser, 'Biker King' (Wang, his surname, means 'king' and he loves motorbikes). 

Our first day back is being spent resorting after our house and hamster-sitting tenants (four of our recent graduates) moving out. Dougal has lost a bit of weight but seems well. His teeth have grown back in after the Jingdong incident (see blog archive if this is news to you). The lodgers left the place spotless but despite having the windows open for the last month, it's still musty. Every wet season I am reminded of how damp our clothes and bedding get at this time of year. Pictures start falling off the walls and leather goes mouldy. Time to air our quilts before the rain comes.

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