Me and Edie mucking out Lucy's stable.
Freda: Lucy is me and Edie's pet horse. She is fourteen years old and is very naughty and cheeky. As you can see, her stable is very mucky and needs to get mucked out. It is a very dirty job and it is quite difficult to only get the muck and not the shavings.

Edie: Mucking out Lucy's stable was great fun and we collected two buckets of muck. Dad took it to the muck heap. We sprinkled some sawdust on the floor and then we put the buckets back where they came from.

Edie riding Lucy and me leading her
Freda: This is Edie on Lucy. She is a very good rider and is very good at keeping her back straight. Leading Lucy is a very difficult job because she sometimes gets very impatient and you just can't control her. When she gets bored she tries to eat you alive but usuallly I manage to stop her.

Edie: Riding Lucy was great fun. I am at hole number 8 for the stirrups. Freda is at number 2.

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