Mad about Mahjong (by Lesley) -
Freda announced today that every Wednesday one member of the family gets to decide what the evening activity will be. We threw the dice and it was Freda's turn to choose. Mahjong it was. Thank goodness it wasn't Twister, as I'm still nursing a few snowboarding injuries, including my sprained thumb. Here's a snippet...
During the second game Edie picked up, placed the tile in her hand and after a few seconds of pondering announced: "I don't really have one to throw away, unless I use one of my pair." Luckily she accepted my help, as closer inspection revealed she had "gone mahjong" without even realising it.

Wondering where the Mahjong tiles came from? Granny Annie carried this 5-kilo set back from China in her hand luggage two years ago. They might not be as pretty as the antique bamboo ones but they're a pleasure to use.
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