I'm sure most of you will remember Marissa from previous blog entries. She graduated from the English Department in July 2008 and headed off to greener pastures to further her teaching qualifications. Since we saw here in Baoshan this summer she has been adjusting to her new life in the Provincial capital. Here's what she has to say:

“I’ve been here for nearly two weeks, but I haven’t got used to it yet. Actually, it disappointed me a lot when I first arrived here. I didn’t like Kunming at all. Compared to my previous college, the accommodation is a little terrible. Everything was strange, completely strange for me at first. What is worse, everyday things are quite expensive. I had a really miserable time on my first day here. I didn’t know where I could buy bedding and things for daily use. I had a really terrible job getting them in the end. Then, when I got back to my dormitory, I found that I had no key. I went to the dormitory- keeper but nobody there. I waited outside my dormitory, with my heavy luggage and my belongings. I couldn’t help bursting into tears immediately at that moment. I had done a lot of things from early in the morning till late evening; I carried my two suitcases and a big bag of books from miles away from here. I was terribly exhausted. I desperately wanted go home. I missed my family and my friends so much. I couldn’t imagine how I would survive here.

“A few days past, I discovered that university life is completely different from college life. The courses are more difficult and complicated. We’re required more basic knowledge and higher abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. What we need to learn is more profound. What's more, the teachers in the university have different teaching styles from those in college. They have higher and stricter requirements from us. I know it clearly that a much more serious competion and more pressure exist here. I must study really hard, or I’ll definitely fall behind the others.

“Frankly speaking, I dislike this place - the terrible conditions, the terrible teaching facilities and a few bad teachers. Although it’s a big city, a wealthy place, a real university compared to Simao Teachers’ College, I prefer the last one. I could feel that every teacher in Simao Teachers’ College was much better than any teacher in this university. How could I wish to go back to my previous college?! Anyway, no matter how difficult it is, I must calm myself down and try my best to adapt to it, because that’s my own choice. Now that I’ve chosen it, I certainly must bear it. Whatever I have to face, life is continuing and so is my studying. As that saying goes:

‘The teacher opens the door, you enter by yourself’.

So, I’ll adjust my state of mind to get accustomed to my present life, and proceed.”


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