Katie in the Plockton Inn
I haven't really had the chance to enjoy a British pub since the No Smoking law came into action, until now. I took the train over to Plockton, a small fishing village on the west coast of Scotland, where I met Katie, my sister-in-law. We spent most of our time indoors, chatting about life, work and craft projects. Katie treated us to a pub lunch in the Plockton Inn [see photo]. The bar had the usual pool tables, dart board and log fire, all without the passive smoking. Time passed too quickly before I had to jump on the train home. The train journey, at a mere 2 hours, was also far too short. I had just got into studying when we arrived in Dingwall. After travelling in China any journey in the UK is going to be a breeze....unless, of course, there are 'leaves on the line'.

2/1/2011 09:20:47 pm

Yep, the smoking ban is proof that the last Labour government did at least one thing right!


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