Why the glum face? Well, Lesley had an hour to fill waiting for the Ning'er Education Bureau car to arrive and she had nothing to do - not something, by her own admission, that she's very good at! The pile of boxes in the background is just some of the stuff that she and Sue have been putting together this week for the course they're running in Ning'er (starting on Sunday). It's a Team Leader-Trainer Training course for Ning'er County English teachers under the PIE (Pre-Service In-Service Exchange) programme umbrella, and this is the first course to take place outside Simao. Let's hope they haven't forgotten anything important! They don't have a kitchen sink, but I do know that their swimming costumes, two hamsters and various coffee-producing machines were squeezed into the car when it eventually arrived at 4pm this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Freda, Edie and I are heading off to Jinghong with Lao Yang and his parents for a couple of days of Water Splashing Festival. These things tend to have a Magical Mystery Tour feeling about them - anything could happen! So stay tuned for an update in a few days...

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