Lesley clocking up lengths of the 18.8m pool

Surviving the first few weeks of the new term has involved a big team effort - getting out of the house, reaching the school by bike, struggling home again for lunch, back to school, back home again, not to mention work in between. There have, nevertheless, been many pleasures woven into our new routine. Discovering the mid-week oasis of the Garden Hotel's indoor pool has to rank as one of the highest. We used to go there a few years ago but at 2yrs old Edie could barely cope with the low temperature. We have also taken until now to find the quietest, cleanest times - being able to chat to the attendants in Chinese now helps. Tina and Lesley go every Wednesday before reflexology and we have a LEAF family outing the odd lunch break. This involves extra energy expenditure of course, but it's worth it. Feed tiredness with exercise, that's our motto!
8/9/2009 10:27:31 am

That's one empty pool! Did you get the PLA to clear it of pesky Chinese for the official photo?


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