As the Chinese National Anthem got into full swing on Monday morning and the students raised the flag, Lesley was pulling on her satin, flesh-coloured pop socks - a sign that she really has been here too long? What is it about this 'look' that's just not quite what we're used to? We've pinned it down to discretion. Aren't pop socks meant to be the cheat's version of tights or stockings? They're a discreet way to cover one's skin but still have a semi-natural look. I'm sure that the band just isn't designed to be showing. Who knows? Podering these cultural idiosyncarcies and our own reactions to things is fun.


Great story about your socks... yes it's really strange, these socks. Funny you wear them... or not??
I think we have to leave earlier and not stay here for 4 years, is that your real message..hahahaha!


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