Buns in the Oven and Steaming on Meths... -
No energetic snow clearing or beautiful scenery for the Aberdeen crowd. Here the snow is turning a bit slushy and we had a small avalanche peel off the roof of the house and bury a few unlucky birds feeding at the bird table. Indoors, Freda and Ali's Mum got stuck into some serious baking (while Edie and Ali played Othello in the sitting room). Here's|Freda preparing some fine-tasting parmesan cheese and chilli biscuits to accompany tonight's tea. We might take a few on the train tomorrow when we head up to Inverness. Next into the oven is the fairy cakes...

Edie with the finished product
The girls' Festive Season relaxation has been more Wizard of Oz than Avatar, and the electronic toys have been relegated for now in favour of Ali's 30 year-old steam engine dug out of the attic (it must have been watching The Railway Children that pushed them over the edge. So the house is filled with hissing steam sounds and the smells of homebaking and burning meths as the adults cower in the wake of Playmobil figures careering across the hall floor in the Mamod steam car like Toad in The Wind in the Willows. Are you getting nostalgic?

3/1/2010 01:56:16

Safe journey to Inverness! Delighted you're keeping the blog up despite all the western luxuries tempting your time!


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