Edie: This is a picture that I drew of the vet's car and Lucy, with me riding her. Lucy is chasing the car.
Grandad, Boysie and Douglas
Freda: The vet came today. His name is Douglas. He's worked as a vet for over 14 years. He got his job here in 2005. The last three weeks he has been climbing mountains in Argentina. He prefers working with horses. The horses had the injections to prevent them from getting Influenza (horse flu) and Tetanus. Each syringe holds about 1.5ml of medicine. When the horses had their jabs, they looked like nothing had happened. I really want to be a vet when I grow up!

Grandad and Edie with Boysie
3/2/2010 01:53:56 pm

Hey, I've had influenza, and I'm sure it wasn't horse flu then!!

Lovely blog entry Freda/Edie.


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