Me and Edie at the pdsa shop
 A week ago I joined the PDSA. When I joined, I got a great membership pack. I got: Two magazines, two badges, three stickers, a membership card and a fridge magnet. The PDSA is a charity that helps sick and injured pets and also it help owners that do not have enough mony to pay really expensive vet fees.

I think donating clothes is a great way to support the PDSA. You can also suport the PDSA by donating old toys and raising money.  

Yesterday we donated three bags and three different items to the PDSA shop in Inverness. I'll get points added to my membership card for everything I donate. I can use these points to buy pens and stickers and things. In the future I plan to donate lots and lots more bags of stuff to the PDSA shops and we have more plastic bags to give to our friends to fill up. 

Me and Edie outside the shop with all the things we were donating.

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