Ceremonial cutting of the first pizza.
No, the LEAF family isn't expanding. We have much more exciting news than that! For years Lesley has been craving an oven, though they only appeared in the supermarket here six months ago.

We finally took a leap of faith and optimism, yesterday purchasing a dinky little Galanz that now sits on top of our microwave. A suitable-for-stir-fries-but-not-much-else hot plate is our only other means of cooking. Although lack of suitable ingredients may yet hinder our attempts at home cooking, we got off to a flying start with pizza. The cheddar cheese was bought when we passed through Kunming last week. We have become used to products seeming high quality and breaking or looking good and tasting horrible (to our palates, that is). A 200 RMB (£20) risk seemed acceptable. The good news is that the albeit small loaf of bread I baked this morning was also a success. A new culinary era lies ahead.

Our new appliance with this morning's fresh loaf. Pity butter is so expensive (12% of the cost of the oven for a 250g block!)
6/8/2009 07:41:09 pm

And the Pizza was delicious. Compliments to the chefs!! Tina :-)


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