Yesterday, at Mengyang's morning market, as I was eating some delicious Dai-style kaoyu (bbq fish) stuffed with finely chopped chillies, spring onions and fragrant xiang liao herb, Lao Yang's Dad and the children nipped off to buy something. When they returned it seemed that someone (Freda, Edie, Lao Yang?) had persuaded him to buy them a duckling each. Quite good value at Y3 (less than 30p) each. All we have to do now is fatten them up on ground up maize mash and we can cook up a fine dinner in a few months...ha, just joking - I'm not sure Fluffy and Doudou will suffer that fate (though you never know!). We spent this morning clearing out the shed and setting aside a corner for our new pets. So far they've proven to be a bit of a hit around the college, follwing the girls around and swimming around in the pond. All we have to do now is worry about directly contravening VSO's avian flu advice, warning about contact with live poultry!

12/4/2010 11:49:06 am

Ah, so cute (and the ducklings aren't too bad, either!)


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