The trip to Ludao Park. Me and Dad went to Ludao Restaurant for lunch. We had 3 potato kebabs, 2 meat kebabs, 1 courgette kebab and a medium-sized noodles. Afterwards me and Dad went to the park. We noticed that the shoe-cleaners, who had been resting during the festival last week, had come back from their little holiday and this is a photo that Dad took in the park. There was another man with his grandson and he took a picture of me as well with his mobile phone. These people are drinking tea and there were about 6 of them all together, 3 of them were drinking tea and 3 were playing musical instruments. This is my new stripy top from the winter clothes bag. The weather today is quite sunny today, warmer than yesterday, nearly 20 degrees.

23/11/2009 10:38:28 pm

Great blog entry, Edie. Your first?


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