Lesley headed off to Xi'an today for a VSO workshop with the other Basic Education (BE) volunteers from around China, including 7 new arrivals. She didn't prepare much for the sessions, but did have her new publication up her sleave - A month in Jingdong County - improving education in rural China. It's been nerve-wracking making public something that is so personal (even if work-related). So far the feedback has been good and Lesley is hoping to gather writing from volunteers to put together another, edited, collection about volunteer life. If you would like to start the ball rolling, send something now!

Let her know if you'd like a copy of this publication and we'll find a way to get one to you.

18/9/2009 08:18:28 am

It seems that you live in paradise. I've never seen a travelblog better photodocumented and composed. What incredible pictures! I'd like to contact you through another email, as I'm coming to Simao and wish to ask a few questions about it.


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