Yesterday morning, during Sue and Xiao Liao's Inclusion workshop, trainees had to roleplay a scene where someone was excluded. [see above] The second roleplay was to show the concept of 'inclusion'. The group showed how a whole community should pull together to keep the environment clean - not just leave it to the cleaners to pick up the rubbish. You can imagine how disappointed I was to find the classroom littered with plastic bags, tissues and paper cups at the end of the day. The most shocking thing was, however, that when I started to help the caretaker tidy up their mess, several trainees said to me: "Lesley, you can just leave that. There is a cleaner to do that." Meantime, the cleaner was busy rearranging desks and chairs to help me. I didn't hold back in telling them how upset I was by this. I pointed the bin out and asked them to help. Today there were only 3 paper cups at the end of the morning.

13/4/2010 12:31:31 am

Good for you, girl!

13/4/2010 07:59:11 pm

it is gradually change ,right ?


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