Quaking in our bedsocks -
Simao is in the centre of the bullseye
Since our first, and biggest, earthquake in 2007 (M6.4) we've experienced plenty more here in Simao. There are a few seismically active minor faults running quite close to town which periodically grumble and shift. We've had two sizeable local tremors in the past month, a wee M3.4 on the 19th November and a bigger, and closer, M4.1 last night at 3.09am. The intensity was enough to wake us all (except Edie) with a fright as the house shook and the windows rattled alarmingly in their frames for a few seconds. Then silence, and a minute later the barking of dogs. The adrenaline rush left us feeling sick in our stomachs and it took me a while to get back to sleep. These night-time quakes are cruel, much harder to cope with. The Puer City Earthquake Bureau is at www.eqpeyn.com. Even without being able to read Chinese you can get the gist...See also www.leafgovso.co.uk/earthquake_alert.htm.

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