We were very excited at the weekend, due to the arrival of Sue Anderson, the latest VSO volunteer to come to Simao. We accompanied Chen Yong to collect Sue from the airport - where she arrived at "the mouth" [see great Chinglish sign above] - before going out for some noodles. Sue, also part of VSO's Basic Education programme, will be working on the PIE teacher training, follow-up and any other projects that take her fancy. There's plenty work to go around.

Sue, from England, spent nearly three years as a VSO volunteer in Rwanda from 2001 to 2004. She worked as a teacher trainer at the Institute of Education in Kigali. Sue says: "I'm impressed by Simao. It's a pretty town with lots of facilities and I'm going to be very happy here.....once I get my flat!" There are still a few things to sort out....

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