The new, intellectual look?
My new spectacles have evoked a number of responses from those around me. Ali was shocked into silence when he first saw them [which I haven't let him forget, of course] while Freda said, "Hey, you look cool!" Edie added that I [finally?] "look like a teacher", which I take as being a good thing.
I have a second pair on the way, brown and understated.

Despite my sight only being out by +.5, it's incredible the difference they make - not so much in terms of increasing what I can read, but more in the reduction of eye strain and headaches. Yippee, I can stare at a computer screen all day long and no longer get sore eyes. Only joking. On the contrary, I intend to take much greater care of my eyes than I have in the past, using better lighting for reading, cutting down on DVDs [being away from our cheap source in China, this isn't difficult]. Most importantly, I shall reduce my computer [that means work] time. Yes, and pigs can fly.

22/12/2010 08:47:43 am

Wow! Spectacular!


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