Toffeed fruit on sticks is a Beijing speciality and this was one of the best we've ever had. Freda was on the look-out for toffee apples yesteday but the only ones we came across were on display, unwrapped, near a string of small butchers. I later wondered whether I'd been over-cautious and promised her, "the next time we see some, you can have a stick, whatever..." The next time was as we emerged from the Metro, as a man passed on his bike along the busy, fume-filled street, with a full display of toffeed fruit on his rack. Even Freda was put off those and agreed to wait until something more hygienic came along. These were worth the wait -  the toffee had set but was still warm as the lady lifted them from the drying tray to put in her glass cabinet [a good sign] and the bite-size crab apples were succulent. Freda's teeth got an extra scrub that day!

Auntie Charlotte

Hi Lesley and Freda, Didn't know you were/are in BJ. If you don't get any joy with the docs in BJ you could try HK and stay in luxury at Leighton Hill. The weather is beautiful here right now -warm,no humidity and blue blue skies. I am just back from a week in Mumbai so am currently off the curries. Seriously, though, please feel free to come to HK any time. We will be here for Christmas and the run up thereto. LOL Anti Cee XXXXX


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