Charles and Julia adding their arrows.
No, the trainees weren't shooting at me, though I'm sure some of them want to. Instead they were directing their attention to solving some teaching difficulties that they observed during the micro-teaching demonstration yesterday afternoon. After giving the teacher 'feedback sandwiches' [right], the group helped her identify some useful goals and targets to aim for in the coming month. These were: Give students clearer instructions and a model before the task; monitor the students during the activity. After agreeing on these the group then had to come up with suggestions for how to go about doing this. These methods were written on balls and arrows and added to our display. They didn't seem half as chuffed with the analogy/model as I was but then they haven't spent months of their life wondering how to make this course as interesting, useful and understandable as possible. I'm just hoping that these images will stick in their mind enough that when they have a meeting to run and are looking for some way to engage the teachers, they remember at least one way. So, if you have any more models for giving feedback and trouble-shooting, please send them our way!

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