Wanxia at work in the TDC
It's busy-busy-busy in the TDC these days as preparations are underway for the second Team Leader-Trainer course. Over the last week I've been revising the trainee workbook (adding an introduction in Chinese, making some activities easier, expanding the glossary and adding Chinese instructions to every task), with Hou Wanxia's help for all the Chinese bits. I'm simultaneously producing a new-and-improved training manual for the course. Many of the changes are a result of my observations and experiences during the first course, as well as the written feedback from the first batch of trainees. There are some skills - like analysing, asking questions, taking notes - that I was taking for granted, already a year  since delivering my last major training course. All the feedback is in an Access database now and I fully intend to make good use of it. I could write a book about their comments alone, they reveal so much about education and culture in China.

I've also revamped the timetable so that Hou Wanxia can observe all the sessions she couldn't observe the last time (because she was teaching), at HER request. I'm also hoping she'll take a few of the sessions so that I can put my feet up......oh, and show VSO (who are visiting for the end of the course) what a great team we make! I feel that since Hou Wanxia's formal post in the TDC has been formalised she is much more relaxed about using the office and we are cooperating better than ever. No need to sculk around and hide our collaboration any more.

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