When Edie gets out of school at 11am we usually pick up a zhutongfan, steamed rice in a bamboo tube, from this Dai nationality woman on the street outside. The sticky rice (and the odd peanut) is steamed over a charcoal grill - very delicious, and healthy!

Editor's note: Another sign that we've been here too long - losing our grasp on the English language e.g. "very delicious". Surely "really" is the preferred word, or just let "delicious" quantify itself. Any comments?

3/11/2009 03:36:57 am

Yep, "delicious" is an example of an "extreme adjective" and therefore shouldn't add a "very". Mind you, it's only since returning to the UK that I've been able to convince myself that "very delicious" is wrong!


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