...but now, after unpacking our suitcases, it's unusually full. Today's main activity was sorting out the cooking ingredients, gifts and goodies we brought back from the UK - lentils, broth mix, pasta, custard, breakfast cereal, cup-a-soups, mustard, pesto, trifle mix, herbs and curry spices. It seemed like a lot at the time but given these that items are unavailable here and may have to last a year, it doesn't seem quite so indulgent. 

As we returned for our fifth year in South Yunnan, our luggage capacity was filled, approximately, with: food and cooking ingredients 20 kg, new clothes [of a higher quality and cheaper than in Simao] 20 kg; reading materials 20 kg; toileteries and medical supplies 10 kg; stationery e.g. special notebooks, high quality blank discs, bookbinding paper 5 kg; gifts 15 kg. Hand luggage was extra! 

Needless to say, when we go back-packing we pack thriftily - one rucksac between four with only the bare necessities.

What fills your suitcases when you go away?

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