Lesley and Tina took to their bikes yesterday, in the midday sun, reluctant to let another day go by without starting their new exercise regime. It really is a regime in this heat, requiring motivation, discipline and a degree of masochism. After a long, hot climb [not quite Le Tour but arduous enough) we arrived at the top of Cha Shan (tea mountain), where some wood turners were selling handmade wooden boxes and tea caddies. Lesley bought a round box made from beech and has arranged to visit their workroom in the near future.

In the afternoon the dynamic duo headed into town for some shopping, the main aim to pick up an iron and ironing board for Tina. She was on the point of purchasing a swanky Phillips for a high price when they noticed all the Chinese brands, at least a quarter of the price, that had been relegated to a dusty corner shelf. Perfectly adequate-looking Tina settle for one of those. Lesley couldn't resist buying a replacement facepack. Given the recent controversey in the UK regarding the danger of sunbed use, it's slightly ironic that virtually all the face products here (facewash, cream, toner, facepacks, suncream etc) contain whitening agents. Lesley can't read everything on the packet but if she sees the word bai, meaning white, it goes back on the shelf!

Other news:
Freda and Edie earned 4.5 RMB by taking our empty cans and bottles to the recycling shop.

Lesley resumed work on her Jingdong report, now over 90 pages long; Freda is ill with a fever but as we've been back for 10 days we don't think it's swine flu. Not from the UK anyway.

Mini ants seem to have taken over the house. They are so small they're unnoticeable until they start crawling over your body and tickling.

Lesley discovered she her mobile phone package had been switched to a more expensive one, costing 120 RMB a month for servicees she didn't even want. On investigation at their local shop she discovered this had been authorised by a salesperson after a telesales call, in January 2009. Whenever we receive these calls we politely say, "Sorry, I don't understand.
Goodbye." Perhaps the salesperson thought it a good opportunity to run through a sale. Had Lesley not incurred debt while her phone was out of use for the month in the UK, she would never have known.

The PIE girl after another successful experiment.
If we are what we eat, today we are [in no particular order]: Apple, apricot and date pie; mixed green vegetables and tofu; rice noodles; rice; pancakes.

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