Getting stinky and black in a hot spring
We’re leaving the East coat today and moving West to hot springs and tall forests. Four days into our van trip we’re still smiling. The girls bang their heads on the roof above their beds less often and as we eat through our food supplies we have more stowing space. We’ve stopped off in Kawakawa to visit the famous public toilets (lots of people in there with their cameras out which, under different circumstances, might seem a tad odd. I’m pulling my hair out in a café that advertises free wi-fi but the wi-fi doesn’t work. Just when I log on to a site I lose the connection. Maintaining enough internet presence to participate in my on-line Dip TESOL is proving to be very stressful. It’s verging on ruining my holiday though I’m trying hard to chill out when we’re on the road. I was hoping I could just pop into a café, upload/download the required documents and do my homework in the van in the evenings. The homework is going fine but everything else is a nightmare. Early days. I’m trying not to get down-hearted. 

In the afternoon we stopped off at some Maori hot springs. It was a very low-key, inexpensive set-up, which is just as well, as the girls couldn’t tolerate the sulphur smell for more than an hour. It was cold and raining so we stayed as submerged as possible. Our silver jewellery turned black in the volcanic mud and our skin had an egg sandwich odour until we next found a hot shower.

The highly decorative Kawakawa toilets

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