'Oh, you missed a bit', says Edie.
I really hope you can't answer that question, as we all went ahead and had our H1N1 vaccinations this morning. Edie and Freda were picked up from school early for the pleasure. The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) came in their white van with box loads of the vaccine for teachers and students who had ordered it yesterday. Some colleagues refused, but more on the grounds of needle phobia than any concerns about the vaccine. Apparently the flu crisis point is anticipated to be Spring Festival - no surprise given that millions of Chinese take to the transport networks at that time. By then it will be too late to be vaccinated, so we thought we'd play it safe. Why not? Freda's been very run-down lately and we're all prone to coughs and colds at the best of time. What's more, I can't afford any time off work! Some teachers are even concerned about the increased risk early next month as the 1,000+ grade 3 students return from their teaching practice-cum-extended-holiday. They were due back next week but the new campus, where everyone should be moving to in the coming months, isn't complete. Even if they do make it back in 3 weeks, as anticipated, my guess is they'll be living on a muddy building site.

Other news - This morning Lesley had a heart-to-heart with No 1 Primary School's Director of Studies, Mrs Zhou, concerning Freda's increasing unhappiness in her Chinese lessons. More on that tomorrow....

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