'Sorry, was this for the salad?'
Lesley's 48-hour game of 'will it or won't it [work]' with the new oven has taken it's toll. She took to bed this afternoon with a mud pack on her face, trying to take her mind off pastry and other recipes. Freda and Edie were shocked to find her in this ghostly state, touching the gooo and asking: "What's that mummy? Can you eat it?" Lesley's not the only one obsessed by food at the moment!

You are what you eat is a new addition to our daily blog, for all of those who ask, "So what do you usually eat in China?" Of course, today's menu of date loaf, oven-baked bread, quiche and banoffee pie wasn't that usual, as the following months will reveal. Nevertheless.....

Today we are
: Above items plus soluble multivitamins and echinacea - Ali's got a cold he's trying not to pass round.

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