We are the LEAF family: Lesley, Edie, Ali and Freda. Although from Scotland, we spent the last 5 years living in China, most of which was spent in Yunnan, where Lesley worked as a VSO volunteer in education. Our home was in Simao Teachers' College, in the rapidly developing city of Pu'er, home to the famous tea. Lesley's work involved teaching, teacher training and advising, as well as a number of other educational activities. Her partners included VSO, Simao Teachers' College, numerous middle schools as well as local Education Bureaus. Ali has been writing and developing his photography interests, with a view to publishing in the near future.

We got back to Scotland late 2010 and are currently dealing with the cold and the culture shock. Freda and Edie have started at Primary school and are gradually making friends and settling in to a new routine. Ali and Lesley are job-hunting, unpacking and working on a number of creative projects from book-writing to arts and crafts. Although we are happy to be back in Scotland, we all miss our friends, our work and our life in China. This is a period of change and readjustment.

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