I remember seeing this DIY hairdressing tip in my mum's magazine about thrity years ago. For a quick transition from long to short hair, gather all your hair up in a pony-tail on top of your head and hack it off. Edie is tired of her fine, flyaway hair matting into big tufts overnight, so we tried this technique in the campsite this morning. It seemed to work and, after a bit of trimming, looks pretty close to a salon job if you ask me. No more tearful hair-brushing for Edie though she might have some more questions as to her gender. At the swimming pool yesterday a little girl in the 'tarzan swing' queue turned to her and asked, "Are you a boy or a girl?" Edie found this very amusing. "Hah!" she said to me later, "Isn't it obvious? I've got long hair!" It was only later we started observing that so do most of the boys.

Edie's new look. It will sit better after it's been washed and blow-dried of course!
26/9/2010 04:47:47 pm

Hi Edie, I like your new hair style! Very beautiful! Enjoy your holiday!

27/9/2010 04:25:30 pm

So Edie, are you a boy??

28/9/2010 12:41:12 am

Hi Edie and Freda, Ally wants to say 'hello'. She watched your video more than 10 times!

20/1/2011 03:06:17 am

Looks good.

It reminds me of cutting all my hair off in the salon. Im a 24 year old male so I can vouch for the long hair for the guys coming back into style nowadays.

I had the long hair all through high school and afterwards, probably about 8 years and I just cut it all off. Boy what a relief.


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