We visited a place called the Honey Hive today, where we saw lots of interesting DVDs, pictures and exhibits all about how honey is made. Did you know that one bee only produces about three quarters of a teaspoonful of honey in its lifetime? And did you know that bees can carry up to their own body weight of pollen and nectar when they fly? They carry it in special baskets on their back legs, and in their honey tummy. We got to taste lots of different kinds of honey and see the bees busy at work in part of a hive that was in a glass display. We could see the forager bees come and go from the hive, and the worker bees busy inside. It was great. I bought some homemade fudge and Edie bought herself a chocolate ice-cream. Mum paid for half and we used our pocket money for the rest. I made my fudge last a whole day, which is amazing for me!

27/9/2010 04:24:02 pm

Hope you both bee-hived yourself?


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