Me and Edie with Queen and Polly
Granny's three horses need lots of hay because all the grass is covered in snow. This is a picture of when we went to get the hay from Farmer Chris Swift, who lives quite far away from Craiglea. We went in the car and took the small trailer - that is not the bigest trailer in the world. We couldn't get the big horse trailer out because there is too much snow at the house still. When we got to the farm we spotted two sheep dogs, called Queen and Polly. We played with them while Dad, Granny and Farmer Swift loaded the hay onto the trailer. You can just see Farmer Swift up there in the barn. We got twenty bales in this load. It was really good fun when we went down the hill from the farm because it was so slippy and thay was wobbly, even though we tied it on with long ropes. It's very good that we got this job done otherwise the horses would be hungry for hay until the snow melts and the grass appears again.

14/1/2010 10:56:17 pm

Great blog entry, Freda!
Q: What do horses say when they're food arrives?
A: Not this HAYgain!

14/1/2010 10:56:58 pm

they're :-( their :-)


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