Fast thinking -
Edie with her new deskmate.
It's Teachers' Day [another of China's unique 'festivals'] and the girls skipped off this morning with a handmade card for their Form Teachers and a box of Scottish shortbread for the others. Edie informed me that the teacher thanked the children at the beginning of class for the first round of gifts, adding: "Please don't give me any more gifts. The best gift would be for you to all behave well in class." At this point Edie realised she had in fact forgotten to give Mrs Zhou her gift. As she handed it over to her teacher she said: "This is from my mum." As Edie said later: "Well, I couldn't give it to her after she said that!"

All Edie's classmates had a deskmate reshuffle today and this [above] is her new study partner. We've yet to find out his name but so far Edie's happy with the choice.

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