Flitting -
Dougal came home today after a week with Lao Yang [pictured left with Edie]. He's been well-looked-after by Freda's best friend, who has a hamster of his own as well as an eagle, apparently. I'm avoiding going to the house just in case it's true. Besides, I have enough to fill my time, including job-hunting. I've finally bitten the bullet and sent off some applications for jobs with the British Council. The College is moving to a new campus in the new year, so our hand is being forced a little. As the new campus is outside Simao a little, our new home will be more than twice the distance from No. 1 Primary School, leaving us with some transport difficulties. We don't want the girls to move school locally only to have to move again when my placement ends. Job applications are in the pipeline, but only for posts that are really right for us at this point in time. That means taking into consideration work, education (for Freda and Edie) and daily life. Freda and Edie are in on the plan and seem excited about the few places we've suggested so far, top choice being Penang (Malaysia). We shall keep you posted.

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