At the weekend I organised a card-making workshop in the Twilight Zone for a group of 10 students. One of the managers, Carol, [sitting centre in the pink top] mentioned that Christmas cards were so expensive this year so they wanted to make some. They also thought this might be a chance to generate some funds for the Christmas party, if they can manage to sell some to their classmates. I introduced  the students to monoprinting, which they used to great effect in cherry blossom and butterfly designs. The winning card (judged by Ali according to originality and creativity) won the artist a box of Rowney watercolour paints.It was lovely to have some creative time together to get into a Christmas mood as well as escape packing for a while.

15/12/2009 12:59:12 am

Amazing how one "simple" activity can have so many beneficial effects (saving students money, fund-raising, helping other students, new skills, prize which builds on the skills, etc). Excellent!


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