Lesley had the opportunity to be even more batty than usual in her favourite superhero's costume. Unfortunately, with no kevlar available locally, she had to settle for black velvet, matching her little feline companion. She spent a lot of the evening flapping around the room and getting in people's hair - sound familiar? I don't know why we didn't make this comparison before...

The seamstress also rustled up a couple of ghost outfits for Hou Wanxia and Nini, who ended up looking more like Guanying than a ghost! As well as being a great chance to let our hair down, the whole Halloween theme was a big cultural event in the College.

VSO's Li Hongyan had a disconcerting 'peeling face' costume that looked particularly spooky under neon lights. Yanhui went as herself, not very scarey but much more practical for the musical chairs, where most of the masked competitors couldn't even see where they were going.

The end-of-course party was much more lively than the Jinggu-Mojiang party a couple of weeks earlier. Fancy-dress is definitely a sure way to break the ice and reduce people's inhibitions. We had disco dancing, ballroom dancing, party games and karaoke. No Scottish dancing, unfortunately, because we couldn't get the CD player working. Perhaps Lesley needs to get a little ceilidh band together for such occasions.

Our 10-yuan pumpkin that took a whole afternoon to scoop out. A week of pumpkin soup, pumpkin curry and other variations on a theme awaits.
Freda hiding behind a pumpkin flower pot to spook some passers-by.
3/11/2009 03:41:07 am

Spooky stuff! Well done LEAFs!


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